What is the Bulk School Supply program?

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In the past, families at Washington have gotten a list of school supplies for each grade and been asked to purchase those items and bring them on the first day of school. These supplies end up as community supplies, not individual, for the classroom. Families were spending as much as $80, including tax, for each child’s supplies if exact items/brands/quantity requested were purchased from stores like Target or Office Depot. Teachers were getting a mish-mash of supplies and not always the ones/brands that worked well. (Just because they are #2 pencils doesn’t mean they work!)

So, what if we pooled our money and got uniform supplies requested by the teachers? Would that cost less money? Would it be less wasteful in terms of packaging? Would the supplies come before the first day of school so classroom time wasn’t wasted on organization? The answer to all of these questions was YES + teachers receive exactly what they need to teach effectively!

The Bulk School Supply program provides teachers with a budget to purchase the supplies for the classroom. This allows the classroom to be ready to go for all students on the first day of school.