News from week of September 4th

Orrington PTA Newsletter 

 September 4th, 2020

Upcoming Dates:

September 16 @ 7pm--Orrington PTA Meeting via Zoom

September 14--Fall Enrichment Classes begin

September 21 @ 6pm--registration closes for D65 Fall Enrichments

September 22--4th/5th Co-Ed Flag Football registration ends


Welcome Back from the PTA!  

We’re glad you’re back, we know everything is strange right now, and we are here to help as best as we can!


New Site for the New Year

We have a new website!  Please check out our new format--we are now directly linked to the District 65 Orrington homepage. We are still a little “under construction” but there is a lot to see!

We will update the site regularly and keep as much current info there as possible, including all weekly PTA newsletters (this page!).  On the site you will find the directory (soon!), volunteer opportunities big and small, enrichment activities for students, community building and learning opportunities for adults, and many useful tips and resources for navigating life at Orrington.  A huge thank you to our new webmaster, Chad Calease!


Looking for a New Club or Activity?  Enrichment Registration is Open!

Orrington students looking for virtual enrichments have so much to choose from this Fall!   Check out the before/after school clubs for your students that are now offered through Evanston/Skokie School District 65:  which include some school favorites such as the FREE options through Girls Play Sports, YWCA, Ridgeville, and paid clubs, including your favorite sports, martial arts, DIME, arts, Mudlark, STEM, Hebrew Club, Spanish clubs and MORE!  Please note that the 8am - 8:45am slot is only for elementary schools; 3pm - 3:45pm is only for MAGNET schools; 4pm - 4:45pm and 5pm - 5:45pm is open for all.  Clubs will start Monday, September 14th.

If you are in need of a scholarship please fill out this request form:  with your top three club choices and we will work to accommodate your choice.  Please reach out to if you have additional questions.  (Registration closes 9/21/20.)

New Directory Coming Soon!

Looking to connect with some of the faces you now see only on Zoom?  Orrington will be using a new directory platform--AtoZ Connect--in 2020-21, the same one utilized by all the schools feeding into Haven Middle School. Please stay tuned for more information coming next week!  


PTA Membership Drive Starts Next Week

We are all in the PTA!  Check this space next week to learn about our 2020-21 membership guidelines and goals for our September-October Drive.  We need your voices at the table--PTA membership means you get to vote!


Flag Football

Orrington 4th and 5th grade students will still have opportunities to play co-ed flag football this year in an Evanston Park District league. There will be 6 teams at each grade level across the district, with a maximum of 20 students per team; all games will be intra-team ONLY.  Students may register individually.  If a group of players want to register for the same team, please sign up individually for the same team.  Please email if you have any questions. Get the packet here: here


Orrington Says Goodbye

Earlier this summer, the Orrington School community lost Mitch Boursiquot, known as Mr. B. to generations of Orrington students, staff and families.  Mr. B. brought so much joy, wisdom and love to so many in our school community for all the years he shared with us. He was truly beloved, and we are heartbroken by his passing.

We are grateful for our time with Mr. B., for the kindness he shared and the impact he made on so many lives.  Several tributes to honor Mr. B. are being organized by current and former Orrington community members.  Mr. B. will always be remembered as the heart of Orrington School.