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Lunchroom Composting and Recycling in our Schools

Over 4300 students in 11 schools are composting & recycling in our D65 lunchrooms!

Why are we composting and recycling? We’re doing our part to create a healthy planet!

  • Composting will transform our food waste like orange peels into healthy soil & nutrients to grow our next delicious crop of fruits and vegetables
  • Recycling materials like milk cartons will turn them into new paper or cardboard
  • All of this will help us reduce waste going to landfill which reduces the carbon emissions of our school creating a healthier planet

21-22 School Year Positive Impact:

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  • Eleven (11) schools either restarted or began waste sorting and composting in their lunchrooms.
  • 4,342 students were composting & recycling in our lunchrooms 
  • 77,955 pounds of compost to a commercial compost facility, equivalent to 20 giraffes (38.98 Tons I Measure of Things)
  • 34.33 Metric Tons Avoided Carbon Emissions by Composting instead of Landfilling, equivalent to growing 568 Tree Seedlings for 10 Years
  • 160,125 trays were composted at a commercial compost facility, equivalent to the height of 1.7 Sears Towers