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December is Code 65 Month!


Powered by District 65’s EvanSTEM project in partnership with Northwestern’s Digital Youth Network (DYN), Code 65 is designed to bring Computer Science Education to life across our district and community.  As one of the most important skills to master toward securing a great career, coding is clearly the professional language of the future.


In December, students in grades 3 through 8 will pursue coding activities in their Coding Class (3rd, 5th), their Library Class (4th) or in a middle school class (as determined by each respective middle school).  Students can also build upon their coding skills at home and/or in afterschool programs coordinated by the Evanston Public Library. Click here to view the schedule for those programs.


Central to Code 65 is Evanston’s online learning platform, EL3 (, where Evanston learns three ways: (1) in-school, (2) out-of-school and (3) online.  Using their school sign-in info, students can seek and find over 150 coding games and challenges to strengthen their command of various coding languages such as Scratch or Python.  


We challenge Evanston students, parents, and teachers to embrace Evanston’s Month of Code and engage in multiple fun and rewarding computer science activities.