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Kindergarten LEAP Playdates

F65 Kindergarten LEAP Playdate

All District 65 kindergarten students and their families are invited to attend the upcoming Kindergarten LEAP (Literacy Education at Play) playdates! Kindergarten LEAP is a program funded and sponsored by Foundation 65 that provides opportunities for early literacy skill building and community and social interaction through innovative play scenarios during library time.


Kindergarten LEAP units - Laundry, Construction, Pizza, and Veterinarian - take place throughout the school year (please check with your school librarian for schedule). As a group, students read books related to the unit and are introduced to new vocabulary. Then it's playtime - taking orders, sorting laundry, writing prescriptions for pets. This 'play' promotes and supports literacy skills.


District 65 librarians will host play dates at the Evanston Public Library just for kindergartners and their families. Join others in a play literacy session just like the ones at your school’s library! Parents will learn how play literacy bolsters their child's literacy skills and teaches an appreciation of books. Kids will stamp and deliver mail - it will be fun for all!


Saturday, December 8 from 10-11am (Dawes, Kingsley, and Lincolnwood)

Saturday, December 15 from 10-11am (King Arts, Orrington, and Willard)

Saturday, December 15 from 1pm-2pm (Bessie Rhodes, Dewey, and Lincoln)

Sunday, January 13 from 1pm-2pm (Oakton, Walker, and Washington)


All events will take place in the Community Room at the Evanston Public Library (1703 Orrrington Avenue).


For more information, please visit the Foundation 65 website.

(Photo Credit: Foundation 65)