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Students combine computer science with music at Tunepad Showcase

Coding, music composition, and live performance came together recently at the Second Tunepad Showcase! Fifth grade students used the Python coding language on an app called Tunepad (created by Northwestern University) to compose music.

At the event, student projects were selected to be played by a band to see how their coding and composition translated to in-person music.

“This unique and exciting opportunity allowed students to see the connection between their composition and how the band would translate their piece into a live impromptu song and performance,” said Melissa Smoler, head of the D65 Computer Science Department.

As part of our curriculum, second, third, and fifth grade students engage in computer science classes. The Tunepad Showcase experience was a result of collaboration between D65, Northwestern University and Evanston Public Library. Hope to see you at next year's showcase!