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D65 Launches Student Spelling Bee

Dear Families -

We are excited to announce new details about the launch of our Spelling Bee for 4th-8th grade students! This district-wide opportunity advances our goal to provide more interscholastic academic offerings for our students. 

Through this experience, students will develop self-confidence, communication and public speaking skills, and hone their ability to thrive under pressure. 

Who participates in the spelling bees?

This opportunity is open to all District 4th-8th grade students. While we encourage all students to give it a try, there are various roles available for students who may want to support but not compete. 

Our schools with Two-Way Immersion Programs will offer Spelling Bees in both English and Spanish and students will be able to select which one they would like to participate in.

What is the timeline?

Interested students will first compete in a classroom spelling bee, which will be held District-wide during the week of January 16, 2023.

The winners of the classroom competitions will participate in a school-wide spelling bee during the week of January 30. The winners from each school will then participate in a District 65 spelling bee, scheduled for early February.

The District champion will receive a sponsored trip to Washington, D.C., to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in late May or a sponsored trip to the Spanish National Spelling Bee in summer 2023.

How should students prepare for this?

  • Paper copies of the Spelling Bee word list will be provided to all students during the week of December 12.
  • Families can access information, resources and book titles that boost vocabulary on Scripps National Spelling Bee website’s “Parents” tab
  • Find quiz and study tools for different word lists on the free Word Club app

We are committed to expanding opportunities for interscholastic activities in D65 and can’t wait to cheer on our students as they compete in D65’s 2023 Spelling Bees! Stay tuned for more information from your student’s classroom teacher and/or school. Thank you for your continued support!


Dr. Devon Horton (he/him)