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Remote Learning Guidance

As we welcome our students back to school, every child will be empowered and supported to productively continue their grade-level learning. This includes full access to learning, a welcoming classroom community with clear routines, structures and norms, and feedback to support ongoing learning and will lead to at least a year’s learning in a year's time. 


As a community, we must continue to acknowledge the challenges and inequities many of our students and their families face. Yet, we hold the promise of affording quality learning experiences for all of our students in this challenging time and we continue to be immensely grateful to all of our educators and hardworking staff and leaders for making this possible.  


Please note that information contained within this document is subject to change based on collaboration with our educators as well as updated guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education.


Remote Learning Guidance for Families (English)

Remote Learning Guidance for Families (Spanish)