• District 65 STEM

    The D65 STEM Department collaborates with fellow educators and community partners to create experiences for all learners to persistently explore their world and apply methods of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics toward problems worth solving. Through these pursuits, we strive to prepare each student to achieve academically, grow personally, and increasingly connect with each other as a community of learners. An excellent STEM education, with the core of mathematics and science as its major focus, will enhance students' lives and our community. 

    The following are cornerstones of District 65's STEM Vision:

    • Agency & Identity
      • Students feel ownership in their learning; they are able to make good choices about their next steps in learning
      • Students have a sense of themselves as “belonging” in Math and Science; They think “I am a scientist/engineer/mathematician”.
      • Noticing & Wondering are drivers of learning; What do students notice? What do students wonder?
    • Collective Learning
      • Discourse drives further understanding, building on multiple perspectives and employing multiple methods (eg, Number Talks and Science Circles)
      • Strong communication is a foundation of genuine learning (eg, supporting thinking with evidence)
    • Grade Level Work and Expectations
      • Learning Expectations are clear to all learners
      • Key Learning of the grade is an expectation of all for all students
      • Learning expectations are driven by standards and students' learning is supported by strong curricular resources 
      • Educators and students alike monitor and reflect on student performance against learning expectations


    sTEM Resources

    To learn more about STEM initiative or about resources that can empower your student's STEM learning, follow links to the left.



     Name  Email  Responsibilities
     David Wartowski  wartowskid@district65.net  STEM Director
     Kathy Roberson  robersonk@district65.net  Curriculum Project Specialist