• FOIA Requests 

     According to 5 ILCS 140/1, pursuant to the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of government, it is declared to be the public policy of the State of Illinois that all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts and policies of those who represent them as public officials and public employees consistent with the terms of this Act. Such access is necessary to enable the people to fulfill their duties of discussing public issues fully and freely, making informed political judgments and monitoring government to ensure that it is being conducted in the public interest. 

    Records subject to inspection and/or copying will be prepared for inspection or copying within the time allowed by the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. Except for commercial requests, a response will be made within five business days.

    Freedom of Information requests may be submitted to the District 65 FOIA Officer by completing the FOIA Request Form and submitting it via email or in person at 1500 McDaniel Avenue, Evanston. Pursuant to the terms of the Act, the first 50 pages are provided to the requestor at no cost. Additional letter or legal size pages are provided at a cost. View the available fee schedule for additional pages and copies of documents.  


    FOIA Officer 

    Adeela Qureshi
    JEH Education Center
    1500 McDaniel Avenue
    Evanston, IL 60201

    Phone: (847) 859-8111 

    Fax: (847) 866-7251



    A description of the District and its records prepared in compliance with 5 ILCS 140/4, amended by P.A. 96-542 is also available for anyone to review.