• 2023-24 Transportation

    Transportation services will resume for K-8 students on August 23, 2023. Bus route information will be updated through our student information system, PowerSchool, and families will be notified via email when bus pick-up times and routes are available.

    Reminder! Transportation During the First Weeks of the School Year

    As routes are finalized and students and drivers become more familiar, we ask for your patience early on in the school year. Please allow for slight delays in arrivals and departures.


  • We know the ride to and from school is an important part of the day for our students. Our team works closely with our transportation providers and families to provide safe and efficient service for our students.

    District 65 bus service is provided by a local company, Positive Connections. Students who reside 1.5 miles or more from their attendance-area school or reside where walking to school or to the bus stop would constitute a serious safety hazard are eligible for district-provided transportation at no cost to families. Some students may also be eligible for transportation as required in their Individualized Education Plan.

    We strongly encourage walking or biking to school whenever possible and encourage our families to utilize our Safe Routes to School.


      • How do I know if my student is eligible for transportation services?

      • Do I need to request transportation services for my child?

      • If my child does not meet eligibility guidelines for transportation, can they still take the bus?

      • What if my student has a Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and requires transportation?

      • What if my family is in a transitional living situation and my student needs transportation?

      • What happens if I move within the district and my student now meets eligibility requirements?


      • What if my child attend a magnet school or program? Do fees apply?

      • Who is required to pay for transportation services?

      • My family is applying for free- or reduced-price meals, do I need to pay transportation fees?

      • What if I don't qualify for free or reduced-price meals but can't afford to pay transportation fees?

      • Are payment plans available?

      Bus Operations & Safety

      • Do I need to request transportation services for my chilld?

      • Will my child be dropped off at the bus stop if an adult is not present?

      • What time should my child arrive at the bus stop and how long will they be on the bus?

      • Can I still pick-up my child from school if they regularly ride the bus?

      • What if my child leaves something on the bus?

      Routes & Stops

      • Can my child receive transportation to and from childcare/community centers?

      • How are bus routes and bus stops determined?

      • How do I request a change to a bus route or stop?

      • What if I feel that walking to/from school or a bus stop constitutes a safety hazard for my child?

      • What if I have a question about my child’s bus route?