• COVID-19 Dashboard 

    As we reopen schools for the start of the new school year, we are committed to transparency in reporting instances of COVID-19 cases as reported to District 65. This dashboard will be updated weekly on Fridays when school is in session.

    The dashboard will include the number of positive cases of COVID-19 among staff and students as well as the number of individuals in quarantine. This dashboard will contain aggregate information by location and will never reveal the identity of the impacted individual(s). This information will be kept private according to HIPAA guidelines and will only be shared as legally allowable to the public health department to support the contact tracing process.

    Please note that all positive COVID-19 cases are currently self-reported. While positive cases will be reported in this dashboard, this does not indicate that they were contracted within a District 65 facility. Our team will continue to work closely with local health departments as part of the contact tracing process to determine the source of cases and whether there is evidence of spread within any District 65 building.

    View our FAQs to learn more about contact tracing, positive cases, and quarantines

    Positive Cases

    A positive case indicates that the student or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 and that the District was notified that week. This does NOT mean that the individual was physically at school on the date of notification.

    These individuals must remain home and receive clearance from the local health department prior to return to school/work. The District 65 team will communicate with these individuals so that they understand the process for returning to school.

    When the District receives notification of a positive case, the contact tracing process will immediately begin. Notifications will be sent to those who are identified as close contacts as well as to the general community (within the classroom, bus route, or workspace). The number of positive cases and quarantines within a District 65 building is available for public review as part of this dashboard.

    Quarantine Cases

    A quarantine case can be for a variety of reasons:

    • The individual tested positive for COVID-19,
    • The individual had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19,
    • The individual exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 or
    • The individual had close contact with someone who exhibited symptoms of COVID-19.

    According to CDC guidelines, individuals who are fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine if they are not experiencing symptoms. Parents/caregivers must submit a copy of their child's vaccination card to vaccinations@district65.net or bring to their child's health clerk. Staff should report vaccination status via CrisisGo.

    Quarantines and lengths are determined by the local health departments. Currently, guidance is as follows:

    • Evanston Health Department
      • 10 days for students
      • 14 days for adults (including D65 staff)
      • Please note that this quarantine length will remain in effect as long as Evanston's positivity rate is 3% or less. 
    • Skokie Health Department
      • 14 days for students
      • If participating in SHIELD testing, unvaccinated students can return with a negative PCR test on Day 10.