• Clever

    Students can access a variety of online resources. These resources are personalized to each student’s needs through their login. Students can access thousands of books and articles through literacy databases including BrainPop, BrainPop Jr, BrainPop ESL, IStation, and Newsela. In addition, students can sharpen their skills through ST Math and TypeTastic. 

    Students can login to Clever by using their Clever login or by using their Clever badge which was issued to them by their teacher. Teachers can print and/or send a copy home for your student. 

    Click here for the Clever login page 


    Clever Login Instructions

    Click the Log in with Clever button



    The username is student ID + @district65.net.  For example, 123456@district65.net

    The password is their 8 digit lunchpin.  For example, 12345678


    Clever Badge Login Instructions

    When you go to Clever, click the Clever Badge log in button

    Clever Login

    If you have your child's Clever badge, click the Clever Badge log in button.

    Clever Badge Login

    You may be asked for Clever to access your webcam if this is your first time using a Clever Badge.  Please click "Allow" or "OK"

    Next, you will see this window appear with a live image from your webcam (a general account icon has been used for this tutorial).



    Hold your badge over the webcam until you can see the entire badge.  It does not have to be close to your webcam.  When it detects your badge, you will see a blue checkmark appear and it will sound a chime.  You will be take to the Clever portal with a list of all the digital resources available for your student.



    Curricular Resources

    The District 65 Curriculum & Instruction Department has compiled a list of helpful resources for families in supporting their child in school. More resources will continue to be added to this page throughout the school year. Click on the buttons below to access information for that content area.

    If you have questions about any of this information, please contact your child's teacher.