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    Commitment to Equity

    District 65 is committed to improving educational outcomes for all children by eliminating racial predictability and inequalities in achievement. On August 29, 2016, the School Board approved the District 65 Racial and Educational Equity Statement. This statement will serve as a guidepost for our equity work district-wide and parallels the commitment and focus on racial and educational equity at Evanston Township High School and of school districts nationwide. This statement is meant to guide our work and is not an actual policy.

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    District 65 Racial and Educational Equity Statement

    District 65 recognizes that excellence requires a commitment to equity and to identifying and addressing practices, policies, and institutional barriers, including institutional racism, that perpetuate opportunity and achievement gaps. The district must work proactively to acknowledge racial and cultural biases, and eliminate institutional structures and practices that affect student learning and achievement. District 65 commits to:

    • Raising the achievement of all students while eliminating the racial predictability of achievement.
    • Raising the achievement of all students while eliminating the predictability of academic achievement based upon family income, disabilities, gender identity, and status as an English Language Learner.
    • Ensuring that all board members and staff examine and change educational practices, policies, and processes that contribute to and perpetuate racial disparities, and the disparities of those who have been marginalized in society by their identity, cultural, or economic status.
    • Honoring and building upon the strengths and assets of every student.
    • Providing all students with resources, opportunities and supports needed to ensure preparation for success in high school and beyond.
    • Attracting and retaining a workforce that is diverse in skills and experience and reflects the demographic diversity of our students.
    • Implementing culturally relevant teaching practices that reflect the contributions and perspectives of all people.
    • Ensuring that all board members and staff receive training that promotes an understanding of racial identity and cultural competencies, and identifies and addresses implicit and explicit biases.
    • Welcoming and engaging families as essential partners in their students’ education, school planning, and district decision making.
    • Involving community members including parents and families, civic and faith-based leadership, and the community at large, as active collaborators and problem-solvers on acknowledging and addressing racial and educational equity.


    District 65 Racial and Educational Equity Statement

    Declaración de Equidad racial y educativa del Distrito 65


    Strategy and Equity Reflections 

    Located below are documents pertaining to strategic plans and reflections on equity within the district.

    Strategy and Equity Reflection (January 2018)
    Strategy and Equity Reflection School Board Memo (January 2018)