• About EvanSTEM
    EvanSTEM seeks to improve access and engagement for students who have traditionally underperformed or have been underrepresented in STEM programs.
    EvanSTEM Goals 
    • NETWORK: Aligned K-12 STEM pathways across schools, out-of-school programs, and districts
    • YOUTH: Improved STEM access and engagement for Evanston students who are underperforming or underrepresented in STEM programs
    • EDUCATORS: Increased professional capacity of STEM educators
      • Cross-Cutting Professional Development
      • Development and Piloting of STEM Learning Experiences 
    EvanSTEM Activities
    • Understand how youth (particularly underrepresented and underperforming students) navigate through available STEM opportunities and how those STEM programs impact academic outcomes.
    • Coordinate and align STEM pathways ​across schools, out-of-school programs and districts.
    • Build new collaborations between teachers, out‐of‐school educators and STEM professionals, resulting in novel curricula, activities and expanded programs.
    • Expand the capacity of STEM providers and educators—within and across school and out‐of‐school settings—to increase targeted youth interest, engagement, and identity with STEM.
    EvanSTEM Outcomes
    A living ecosystem of STEM providers in Evanston creating new STEM programs, experiences, curricula and PD modules, resulting in:
    • Increased participation and dosage rates of targeted youth
    • Increased use of math, science and engineering practices to problem solve across settings
    • Evidence of sequential, cross-setting pathways navigated by youth
    • Increased teacher/educator effectiveness within and across settings
    • Improved educators attitudes re: integrated, cross-setting STEM approaches
    • Increased family involvement, support and understanding of STEM progression & career opportunities. 
    • Plans to disseminate lessons and scale and sustain the EvanSTEM model