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Planting Trees and Native Plants on School Grounds

Our climate action and garden teams across the district have been busy planting new trees and native plants on our school grounds. It’s exciting to see our gardens growing and native plantings blooming! Together, we've planted over 180 trees since 2018.

D65 Tree and Native Planting / School Food Garden Process at our Schools - school approval needed prior to planting.

D65 Watering Best Practices: School Gardens and Grounds (Trees, Native Plants)

Wondering why natives are so important for the environment? Take a minute to read this brief article from the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum or follow Natural Habitat Evanston on Facebook.

Trees play a critical role in creating healthier, safer and more connected communities. Trees are hard at work cleaning our air, filtering our water, providing habitat for wildlife, connecting commuting and cooling our cities by up to 10 degrees. Neighborhood trees have shown the ability to reduce stress, improve overall health and development in children, and encourage physical activity. Trees are a proven, natural solution to address climate change and every tree planted is a step in the right direction. The Power of Trees (Arbor Day Foundation).

Mature Trees on School Grounds

District 65 acknowledges the benefits of mature trees and remains committed to ongoing planting of new trees, shrubs, and plants throughout school grounds and routine care of our existing landscape.

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, the district will only remove mature trees from school grounds if the tree has been significantly damaged beyond repair during a storm or it would otherwise present a safety concern. On occasion, the City of Evanston performs inspections and informs District 65 if a tree needs to be removed due to disease. The removal is a mandated requirement by the City which may include penalties and charges to the district if not handled in a prompt manner. It is never our desire nor will of the District to remove mature trees without just cause.

Questions regarding mature tree removal should be directed to the District 65 Building Administrator.