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Lunchroom Composting and Recycling in Our Schools

We are proud to be composting and recycling in our D65 school lunchrooms!

Celebrating our positive impact from lunchroom composting and recycling in our schools in 23-24 school year! Together, we composted over 204,915 lbs of waste and 378,995 trays with 5,946 students participating at 16 schools. We avoided 66.4 metric tons of carbon emissions by composting instead of landfilling our waste, that's equal to 1,098 tree seedlings growing for 10 years!

16 Participating Schools in 23-24 School Year: Bessie Rhodes, Chute, Dawes, Dewey, JEH Early Childhood, Haven, King Arts, Kingsley, Lincoln, Lincolnwood, Nichols, Oakton, Orrington, Park, Walker and Washington

Thank you to our lunchroom supervisors, custodians, nutrition services, teachers, school leaders, staff and our D65 climate action teams, who collectively make this a daily experience for our D65 students. Together, we’re doing our part to create a healthy planet!

Meet Imani affectionately known as "Miss Compost"



In 22-23 School Year, we achieved our goal in November 2022 for all our D65 schools to participate in lunchroom composting and recycling.

Lunchroom Composting and Recycling in ALL D65 Schools

Why are we composting and recycling? We're doing our part to create a healthy planet!

  • Composting will transform our food waste like orange peels into healthy soil & nutrients to grow our next delicious crop of fruits and vegetables
  • Recycling materials like milk cartons will turn them into new paper or cardboard
  • All of this will help us reduce waste going to landfill which reduces the carbon emissions of our school creating a healthier planet

2022-23 School Year Positive Impact