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District 65 Translation and Interpretation Services

As part of our commitment to educational equity, our goal is to positively impact student outcomes through improved language access. Currently, District 65 serves students who speak 80 different languages. While the specific needs of each student and family will be prioritized, focus is given to supporting members of our Spanish-speaking community as they represent the significant majority of Emerging Bilingual Students and families. The Multilingual and Communications Department utilizes both internal and external resources to support additional bilingual communication needs for our students and community.

District 65 is committed to meeting all requirements for translation and interpretation services in support of Emerging Bilingual students and families, as required by Board Policy and Illinois School Code. For parents/caregivers of students with disabilities, interpretation for meetings will be provided by a qualified interpreter at no cost. Requests can be made by contacting the student’s case manager.

Before submitting a request, please review our guidelines (included below) for translation and interpretation services provided through District 65.

Complete Request for Translation/Interpretation Services Form

Translation and Interpretation Resources