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Student Assignment Planning (SAP) Phase I

Student Assignment Planning (SAP) Phase I (2021-2022)

Student Assignment Planning Project Phase I Completed



Starting in spring 2021, we will embark on a multi-year process to develop a comprehensive Student Assignment Plan in order to modernize our district structure and address historic inequities that continue to most significantly impact students of color. This may include changes to school attendance areas, reconsideration of a more equitable selection process for magnet schools and programs, and establishing a local school in the Fifth Ward.

Despite changes to enrollment, student demographics, and academic services and programs, we have not reviewed our boundaries holistically or recommended changes in over 25 years. This is a necessary process, one that should be completed annually per board policy, to ensure all students have access to high caliber educational experiences that are proximate to their homes and neighborhoods.

In order to do this, we must make informed, thoughtful decisions. Student assignment is a part of our multi-faceted approach to long-term planning for the future of our public schools. Addressing our structural deficit and ensuring a strong financial position will require systemic change. We must look carefully at our building footprint, operational efficiencies, transportation costs, and the needs of our aging buildings. We must do all of this while maintaining the strength and quality of our instructional and social emotional programming. To support this effort, D65 will engage independent firms to lead the creation of a master facilities plan and to conduct a thorough audit of our curriculum.