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Student Assignment Planning

In spring 2021, District 65 embarked on a multi-year process to develop a comprehensive Student Assignment Plan (SAP) in order to modernize its structure and address historic inequities that continue to most significantly impact students of color. The process will include consideration of school attendance boundaries, student programming options and locations, and returning a school to the Fifth Ward community.

Despite changes to enrollment, student demographics, and academic services/programs, our District had not previously reviewed attendance boundaries holistically or recommended changes in nearly 30 years. This should be completed annually per Board policy.

We know this is a critical and necessary process in the longstanding effort to close opportunity gaps and eliminate racial predictability in student outcomes. We also know that any changes to attendance boundaries and/or programming have a significant impact on our students and community. This is why we remain committed to making informed, thoughtful decisions rooted in community voice.

The Student Assignment Planning process has been divided into two phases. Phase I, which is now complete, considered the district footprint (school attendance boundaries, potential consolidation and/or expansion of schools). Phase II, which is now underway, includes determination of student programming options and locations.

We encourage you to explore our SAP Resource Hub to learn more!


Student Assignment Planning Phase I
School Attendance Areas (2021-2022)


Student Assignment Planning Phase II Programming Placement (2022-2026)