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Y.O.U. Summer Camp

Please pre-register for Y.O.U. Summer Camp here!

Y.O.U. will hold three fun and engaging summer programs for youth enrolled in our Evanston District 65 partner schools - Chute, Dawes, King Arts, Nichols, Oakton, Rhodes, Walker, and Washington. There will be one program for Elementary-aged students currently in 2nd through 5th grade, one for Middle School-aged students currently in 6-8th grade, and a separate- additional program for current 8th graders to support their preparation and readiness for High School in the Fall called, “PEER”.

Y.O.U. offers free summer programs with full day options at the Elementary and Middle School level for 6-7 weeks beginning June 17th, 2024. Programs will be held at two D65 schools.

Y.O.U’s Summer Programs provides youth an essential mix of programs and activities to support their academic, social, and emotional growth. Each week the program will include academic enrichment opportunities as well as opportunities for physical activity (sports and recreation), self-directed learning and exploration, and socialization. All activities focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) and the development of key skills. Our holistic program services include integrated clinical services (case management and counseling services provided by Y.O.U. clinical staff), family engagement; and collaborative community partnerships.