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Standards Based Grading & Report Cards

District 65's vision is that report card grades are meaningful, accurate, and actionable for students, their families, and educators. This report card, a snapshot of current learning, conveys two separate concepts:

  • academic learning reflecting current proficiency of grade level standards
  • and separate information on learning habits

Follow along with our curriculum

Our Curriculum & Instruction team has developed an At-A-Glance document that provides a broad overview of concepts and approximate time frames recommended for classroom instruction in core content areas by grade level.

View the 2023-2024 Curriculum At-A-Glance

Additional Information

Reporting Standard and Learning Targets by Grade Level

It's important that grading practices reflect our instructional beliefs and current Illinois learning standards. Report cards should reflect what students know and can do based on clearly established and communicated criteria or learning targets. This will help students (and their families) understand if they are demonstrating the learning required at each grade level.