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Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

MTSS is an evidence-based model designed to meet the needs of all students academically and social-emotionally by ensuring that schools optimize data-driven decision-making, progress monitoring, and evidence-based support and strategies with increasing intensity to improve student outcomes.

Goal of MTSS

The goal of MTSS is to accelerate and maximize student academic and social-emotional outcomes through collaborative, data-informed problem solving to provide strategic support and high-quality instruction.

MTSS Model

MTSS in Action

MTSS is not just about tiered interventions, but rather how all the systems in a school or district fit together to ensure a high-quality education for all students.  To realize this success, multi-tiered systems must be supported by leadership, competency, and implementation drivers to ensure that district resources and efforts are focused on supporting all students, who can and will learn and succeed with our support.


MTSS Mock-up [Click to view PDF]


Family Resources

MTSS Family and Community Guide from Branching Minds


To contact the MTSS  Department, please contact Dr. Jessica Plaza: Interim Director of MTSS and SEL at

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