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Digital Backpack

EL3 Digital Backpack

The District 65 Digital Backpack uses the EL3 online platform to share community opportunities. EL3 offers a more inclusive and accessible space for our families and community members to explore opportunities.

If your organization wishes to post an upcoming program or event on the Digital Backpack page, apply to submit content here. District 65 will review all postings pursuant to District 65 Board Policy 8:25* for approval every week on Thursdays. Once approved, your program will be made public, searchable, and listed on the EL3 District 65 Digital Backpack Page the following Friday.

District 65 promotes Digital backpack to all D65 families on its website and via Fast 5 emails sent to all D65 families. In addition, the link to the Digital Backpack page is included in weekly school newsletters during the school year.

If your organization needs an EL3 account or if you have any questions, please contact Kirby Callam at (847) 859-8059 or by email (

Pursuant to School Board Policy 8:25, community, education, charitable, recreational, or similar groups may advertise events pertinent to students' interests or involvement. Commercial companies and political candidates are prohibited from advertising in schools, on school grounds, or on school/District websites.