• Student Records 
    picture of confidential file folder Student records are collected and maintained in a manner that provides professional staff with necessary information and protects the privacy and review rights of students and families. All reasonable measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access to or the dissemination of student records. Parents have the right to inspect, copy, or challenge the contents of their child’s records. These rights become those of the student once the student reaches legal age. The Parent Handbook contains a definition of student records as well as information about access to student records.
    Forms to inspect, copy, or challenge student records are available at each school and at the JEH Education Center (Research, Accountability, and Data Department) located at 1500 McDaniel Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201. Access to records shall be granted within 15 days of the receipt of the request. The district charges $.10 per page for copying information in the student’s records. No parent/guardian or student will be precluded from copying information because of financial hardship. If a certified copy of an order of protection has been filed with the district, then that student’s records or information in the records of the protected child shall not be released to the person named in the order.
    Requests for student records should be directed to the child's school of attendance if the child is currently enrolled or to the Research, Accountability, and Data Department at (847) 859-8060 if the student is no longer enrolled in the district.