• The District 65 Transportation Department works alongside the school bus companies and families to provide safe and efficient service for students to and from school. Throughout the course of the year, the district will transport over 2,500 students on approximately 185 bus routes. Bus service is contracted through a local company - Positive Connections. The district provides free student transportation for elementary students who reside 1.5 miles or more from their attendance area school or reside where walking to school or to the bus stop would constitute a serious safety hazard.


      • Who is required to pay for transportation services?

      • My family is applying for free- or reduced-price meals, do I need to pay transportation fees?

      • What if I don't qualify for free or reduced-price meals but can't afford to pay transportation fees?

      • Are payment plans available?


      • Who do I contact with questions or concerns regarding transportation services?

      • How do I know if my student is eligible for transportation services?

      • If I do not qualify for free transportation can my child still take the bus?

      • What happens if I move within the district?

      Bus Operations & Safety

      • What mitigation efforts are in place to prioritize student health and safety during bus rides?

      • How can I help my child board the bus?

      • What time should my child arrive at the bus stop and how long will they be on the bus?

      • Can my child receive transportation to and from childcare/community centers?

      • Can I still pick-up my child from school if they use a school bus for daily transportation?

      • What if my child leaves something on the bus?

      Routes & Stops

      • How are bus routes and bus stops determined?

      • How do I request a change to a bus route or stop?

      • What if I feel that walking to/from school or a bus stop constitutes a safety hazard for my child?

      • What if I have a question about my child’s bus route?

      • Contact

        Families are encouraged to call the District 65 Transportation Department directly with questions or concerns regarding bus stops, bus routes, or bus drivers.

        Lou Gatta, Transportation Coordinator
        (847) 859-8160

        Positive Connections Bus Company
        (847) 492-0115 or (847) 492-1541

        Brite Lift Transportation (SPED and McKinney Vento)
        (847) 716-0232

        Please make sure to secure an information card on your child's backpack that includes name, school, address, parent/guardian phone number.