Health & Wellness Services at District 65

  • Nothing is more important to us than the health and wellness of our students. All District 65 schools have a Health Office and our dedicated health services team is trained and/or certified to support student illness or injury while at school. They will support in administering medication as needed, providing first aid, supporting communicable disease response, and caring for other special health/needs concerns. 

    It's important that every student has current emergency contact and health information on file with the District. This includes at least one person over the age of 18 who can quickly pick up a student in the event of illness or other unforeseen circumstance. Any changes can be made via PowerSchool (parent portal), by calling the school office or emailing

  • Allergy Resource Guide
  • Head Lice Procedures
  • Student Illness/Injury
  • Student Medications
  • Chronic Health Conditions

Health Requirements & Forms for the 2023-2024 School Year

  • State of Illinois law requires school districts to have certain health information on file for students entering a specific grade. This includes verification of immunizations as well as physical, dental, and eye examinations. Completed forms may be submitted to your schools health office personnel, dropped off at the JEH Education Center (1500 McDaniel Ave), emailed to Sheiba Oats, Health Services Secretary, at or faxed to 847-866-7280.

    Unless an exemption applies, the failure to comply with the physical exam and immunization requirements by October 1st of the current school year will result in the student’s exclusion from school until the required health forms are provided. If you are unable to schedule an appointment for your child prior to the first day of school, you will need to submit proof of an upcoming appointment that is scheduled to occur before the October 1st deadline in order for your child to attend school.

  • Physical Exam Requirements

    State of Illinois law requires proof of a physical examination dated no earlier than one year from the first day of school for a student student entering Early Childhood, Kindergarten and sixth grade, for all students entering the district for the first time, and for all students entering District 65 from outside the State of Illinois or the United States.

    Lead Screening Requirement

    • All children 6 months through 6 years of age must be evaluated for lead poisoning.
    • Physicians and other health care providers shall also screen children 7+ for lead poisoning in conjunction with the school health examination when, in the medical judgment of the health care provider, the child is potentially at high risk of lead poisoning.
      • Lead Risk Questionnaire (for students 6 months-6 years old- should be administered by your pediatrician during physical examination).

    Part of the physical exam requirements includes a Health History that must be completed by the parent/guardian, with signature and date.  Your child's physical exam will not be accepted if this is not completed at the time of submission.

    Remember to Complete and Sign this Section!

    Health History Form Example

    Please reach out to your schools health office personnel if you would like a referral to a local clinic to complete your child's health requirements.

  • Early Childhood/Pre-K

  • Kindergarten and older

  • 6th Grade Students and Older (Additional Requirements)

  • Exemptions

  • Vision and Hearing Screenings

    The Illinois Department of Public Health works to prevent the detrimental effects of hearing and vision loss in children by implementing the Illinois Child Vision and Hearing Test Act (410 ILCS 205), which mandates vision and hearing screening programs for preschool and school age children. Vision and Hearing Screenings are conducted annually at District 65 by Vision and Hearing Screening Technicians, who are trained and certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Parents/ guardians and staff members who suspect a problem with a student's vision or hearing are encouraged to contact the school health office to request a screening. Students who do not pass the school screenings are referred for medical follow-up.

  • Hearing

  • Vision