Evanston/Skokie District 65 Board of Education

  • Our District 65 School Board is made up of seven dedicated volunteers who are charged with setting educational goals based on state laws and community values. They are responsible for working together to approve policy and provide oversight of our district's budget, curriculum, personnel, and facilities. Our Board keeps the best interest of students in mind and helps guide direction to further advance the District's mission, vision, and goals. 

    Board Members serve four-year terms and are elected by the residents of Evanston/Skokie.

      Board Members

      Leadership Training

      Name Development and Training Date Completed
      Joseph Hailpern Open Meetings Act Training 11-Jul-17
      Joseph Hailpern Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) and performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) Training for School Board Members 5-Jul-17
      Joseph Hailpern Basics of Governance 8-Jul-17
      Joseph Hailpern Beyond Diversity Training 23-May-17
      Sergio Hernandez Open Meetings Act Training 19-Apr-17
      Sergio Hernandez Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) for School Board Members 20-Apr-17
      Sergio Hernandez Beyond Diversity Training 23-Jun-17
      Biz Lindsay-Ryan Open Meetings Act Training 26-Aug-19
      Biz Lindsay-Ryan Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) for School Board Members 26-Aug-19
      Donna Wang Su Basics of Governance 16-Jun-21
      Donna Wang Su Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) and Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) Training for School Board Members 14-Jul-21
      Donna Wang Su Open Meetings Act Training 26-May-21
      Soo La Kim Basics of Governance 20-Jun-20
      Soo La Kim Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) and Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) Training for School Board Members 20-Jun-20
      Soo La Kim Open Meetings Act Training 20-Jun-20

      Board Committees

      • Pursuant to School Board Policy 2:150, the Board of Education may establish committees to assist with the Board’s governance function and, in some situations, to comply with state law requirements. Each committee reports directly to the Board of Education. 

        Committee members may include both Board Members and non-Board Members depending on the committee’s purpose. Committee appointments are made at the organization meeting of the Board that is held following the consolidated election in April of odd numbered years. The Board of Education President makes Board Committee appointments unless specifically stated otherwise.

        A Board Committee may not take final action on behalf of the School Board and may only make recommendations to the entire Board.

        Members of the School Board may also serve on both internal district committees and are assigned to serve on the following Board Committees: Curriculum and Policy Committee and the  Finance, Buildings & Grounds and Personnel Committee. Board Members are also actively involved as appointed representatives to external boards and committees. These include but are not limited to the Board for the Joint Agreement for the Operation of Park School, the City School Liaison, Ed-Red, Foundation 65, and the Joint D65/D202 Committee. All Board Committee meetings shall comply with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

        2023-2024 Board Committee Appointments

      School Liaisons

      • School Liaisons

        School Board members are encouraged to become familiar with the entire District 65 school community. Additionally, in order to establish and maintain connections and communication links with parents, individual school board members are assigned certain schools where they can serve as a liaison.

        School Board Liaisons assignments for the 2023-24 school year are accessible for all to view.

        School Liaison Protocols

        • A liaison to each school shall serve until the next reorganization meeting before rotating.
        • Each school liaison is responsible (via phone calls, small group meetings, school visits, attendance at PTA or other school meetings, etc.) for familiarizing him/herself with the school's program, principal, and parents and for providing information on School Board proposals and school system procedures so that the school community can successfully bring its needs and concerns to the attention of either the Superintendent or the School Board.
        • The school liaison does not serve as a direct advocate for the school/program on issues.
        • The school liaison does not involve her/himself in administrative/operational matters but instead refers concerns to the appropriate staff.

        For each designated school, the liaison shall:

        • provide information to individuals/groups (e.g. PTA, civic associations) on how best to communicate to the Superintendent or full School Board specific needs/concerns, acknowledging that all operational matters should be routinely referred to appropriate staff or the Superintendent;
        • keep Board Members and the Superintendent informed of concerns or issues that may develop at the school over the course of the year;
        • provide information to individuals/groups on upcoming issues that may impact the school/community;
        • return citizen phone calls made to the School Board office or to the member's home regarding that particular school/community;
        • represent the School Board at events and official functions, as invited; and
        • communicate School Board policies and actions as requested.


      Board Elections

      • The next consolidated election will be held April 4, 2023. District 65 will have three seats to fill, with four-year terms expiring April 2027.

        Elected board members will be seated at the Re-Organization meeting to be held on Wednesday May 10, 2023 at 8:00am at the Joseph E. Hill Education Center (1500 McDaniel Ave., Evanston, IL 60201) Board Room. 

        Prospective school board candidates may visit the websites of the Cook County Clerk's Office, Illinois State Board of Elections or Illinois Association of School Board for information regarding School Board Elections, including important 2023 School Board Election Deadlines, checklists, petition forms, and more. 

        In accordance with changes to the Election Code in 2014 (10 ILCS 5/1-1 et seq.), prospective school board candidates will no longer file nominating petitions with the school district. Petitions must be filed with the Cook County Clerk's Office. Please contact The Cook County Clerk's Office at (312) 603-1127 for further election-related information.