• Quarantine Remote Classrooms Overview 

    As students and families continue to settle into the school year, District 65 is providing an update on what families can expect in the event that their child needs to quarantine. As a reminder, students who are unvaccinated and identified as a close contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 must adhere to quarantine requirements established by local health departments. Students who are required to quarantine due to a potential exposure within or outside of school may not participate in in-person learning until they receive clearance via email from the local health department.

    Please navigate to the left-hand side of this page to review frequently asked questions related to remote instruction for students in quarantine, learn aout how remote classrooms will address the needs of students with diverse needs, review scenarios that families may encounter should their student(s) need to enter quarantine, and examine sample student schedules for those engaged in remote learning during quarantine.