• School Liaisons

    School Board members are encouraged to become familiar with the entire District 65 school community. Additionally, in order to establish and maintain connections and communication links with parents, individual school board members are assigned certain schools where they can serve as a liaison.

    School liaison assignments for the 2021-22 school year are accessible for all to view. 


    School Liaison Protocols

    • A liaison to each school shall serve until the next reorganization meeting before rotating.
    • Each school liaison is responsible (via phone calls, small group meetings, school visits, attendance at PTA or other school meetings, etc.) for familiarizing him/herself with the school's program, principal, and parents and for providing information on School Board proposals and school system procedures so that the school community can successfully bring its needs and concerns to the attention of either the Superintendent or the School Board.
    • The school liaison does not serve as a direct advocate for the school/program on issues.
    • The school liaison does not involve her/himself in administrative/operational matters but instead refers concerns to the appropriate staff.

    For each designated school, the liaison shall:

    • provide information to individuals/groups (e.g. PTA, civic associations) on how best to communicate to the Superintendent or full School Board specific needs/concerns, acknowledging that all operational matters should be routinely referred to appropriate staff or the Superintendent;
    • keep Board Members and the Superintendent informed of concerns or issues that may develop at the school over the course of the year;
    • provide information to individuals/groups on upcoming issues that may impact the school/community;
    • return citizen phone calls made to the School Board office or to the member's home regarding that particular school/community;
    • represent the School Board at events and official functions, as invited; and
    • communicate School Board policies and actions as requested.