• Extra Curricular Experiences

     Annual Variety Show

    • Mid-year, students have the option to participate in the school’s variety show. As a collaborative project, students work together to create an act during social work group. Individual performances must be submitted and performed for the lead adult prior to the day of the show. Parents and community members are invited to attend. 

    EISMA Concerts

    • Non-profit community organization dedicated to inspire and connect kids through music. Throughout the year, a variety of musical groups come perform different types of music from all around the world helping to teach cultural appreciation and curiosity.   

    Community Nights

    • Once a trimester,from 5:30pm-7:00pm, REC hosts a Community Night on the 3rd floor. All community families and residential staff/students are invited for dinner and  structured social time for adults & kids. 

    Holiday Luncheon & Performances

    • Each year, around the holidays, a big luncheon and assembly are planned in the gym. Students perform musical numbers under the direction of the music teacher, and songs are sung by all. Agency staff and community members are invited to come celebrate. 

    Awards Ceremony

    • During the last week of school, all students attend an awards recognition assembly in the gym. All students publicly receive individualized awards and all stakeholders are invited to attend event.

    Field Day

    • Students participate in outdoor activities such as volleyball and kickball. If students meet criteria, they will be eligible to attend an off-grounds event such as kickball and popsicles at the park. Planning begins in April. 

    Last Day ESY BBQ

    • Students and staff attend an outdoor picnic lunch planned by the PE teacher and cafeteria staff. Menu typically includes hot dogs, chips, fruit, juice and dessert. Planning begins in May.