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Public Participation
Members of the public are welcome and invited to address the Board during open public meetings. The Board of Education shall not permit the voicing of personal attacks against any district employee. Procedures for speaking during Board and Board Committee meetings are outlined below.
The Regular Board Meeting is generally held on the third Monday of the month. At these meetings, the public may sign up in advance to address the Board of Education on school-related topics. To speak during Formal Presentations, the individual who wishes to address the Board shall notify the School Board Secretary after the agenda is posted but no later than noon on the day of the meeting. The person will be asked to identify the subject about which they wish to speak.
Formal presentations occur at the beginning of the meeting. Speakers are called in the order in which they sign up to speak. Each individual is allowed a maximum of three minutes to address the Board. If there are more than 20 speakers, each speaker is given the pro rata portion of one hour. 
Informal Presentations from the Public occur at the end of Board and Board Committee meetings to offer an opportunity for public comment. Speakers recognized by the meeting chair are allowed a maximum of three minutes each to address the Board or Board Committee. The time allowed for informal presentations shall not exceed 30 minutes.
A written statement, provided to the School Board Secretary, is desirable. Written statements become part of the permanent record of the Board of Education.
To formally address the Board at a Regular meeting, please contact the School Board Secretary at (847) 859-8111 after the agenda is posted and before noon on the day of the meeting.