• Overview of Travel Guidance 

    It may be tempting to take short vacations during the weekends or plan for a getaway during those weekends with holidays built into them. While these excursions may sound like good thinking, we are strongly discouraging any travel at this time. In Evanston/Skokie we have worked so hard to reduce community spread and get to a place where in-person learning can safely resume; we must not let our guard down. Please review the following guidance District 65 currently has in place related to traveling. 

    What is D65's stance on traveling over the next several months? 

    Currently, the State of Illinois and City of Evanston do not have mandatory travel restrictions. As an organization, we will continue to follow state and city guidance and will not impose mandatory quarantine for travel. However, District 65 strongly advises against travel and especially to states with high community spread (greater than 12% positivity rate), travel by plane, or engaging in high risk behavior such as unmasked gatherings. We will monitor city and state guidelines and will amend our travel advisories as necessary, especially in the case of increased community spread locally or regionally.

    Why should I avoid traveling at this time?  

    Safety measures in our buildings are thorough which is why our behavior outside of school is so critical to keeping community spread low enough to keep our schools safely open.

    What guidance does D65 offer to those who have to travel during this time? 

    D65 recommends that you reflect on these circumstances and remain mindful. Ask yourself whether the trip is necessary and consider the level of risk to yourself and others. When and if you must travel, we ask that you take every precaution to maintain your health and that of others. This means wearing masks at all times with people outside of your household, washing hands frequently, and maintaining physical distancing.

    What is D65 doing to keep our students and staff healthy and safe in our school buildings? 

    No one should come to school sick or if they may have been involved in any type of high-risk activity. If your child isn’t feeling well or you are concerned that they may have been in a high-risk situation for contracting COVID-19, please err on the side of safety for all. This school year, we are implementing flexible student attendance procedures to encourage families to keep their sick children home and/or to self-quarantine as needed.

    D65 has a layered mitigation plan in place to reduce spread of COVID-19 in our schools. Masking is highly effective in eliminating the transmission of COVID-19 and is required in all D65 buildings. When layered with social distancing and other mitigation measures, we can keep everyone in our schools safe, reduce stress, and an increased need for potential quarantines and added testing. For further details, please review our In-Person Learning Health and Safety Measures (available in English and Spanish).