• Health and Safety Measures

    As a result of extensive planning efforts with involvement from all employee groups, a robust health and safety plan, improving health conditions, and data on safe school reopenings, District 65 will launch our hybrid learning model on February 16. We must approach every day with a commitment to protecting one another and keeping our schools safe. There are proven and effective strategies for doing this such as social distancing, masking, and regular handwashing.

    District 65 has adopted a robust set of mitigation measures. These are the steps we are taking to keep our students and staff safe and protect against the spread of COVID-19 in our schools. These include a combination of facility preparations (like distancing of student desks and improving ventilation), health protocols (like requiring masks and allowing extra time for handwashing), with operational considerations (like reducing in-person class sizes and extra cleaning measures).

    District 65 schools will operate in strict accordance with health and safety measures as recommended by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Illinois State Board of Education. Mitigation measures were reviewed and commended by the District 65 Medical Advisory group.

    D65 Health and Safety Measures in Schools Infographic (en español)

    D65 Health and Safety Measures Overview (en español)

    D65 Guide to Choosing a Mask (en español)

    Student Meals for Hybrid Learning Model (en español)

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