• Monday Learning Routines

    Mondays for the remainder of the school year, regardless of Remote or In-Person Learning Pathways, will be Remote Learning for all students. This will be a blend of student engagement and educator professional learning and collaboration. This is intended to balance the need for connection and routine for students with the need for educators to learn and collaborate in this environment. This also allows for extensive cleaning of school buildings on a weekly basis and professional learning and preparation time for our team. This time will be focused on collaborative planning, creation of learning materials, student support plans, and district/building led professional learning. 

    Monday Schedule

    • All grade levels will have live student and educator engagement for the first 30 minutes of the school day 
      • Magnet: 8-8:30am, Middle 8:30-9am, and Elementary 9-9:30am
    • At the JEH Early Childhood Center, students from the morning and afternoon session will be invited to participate during the 30 minute morning check-in.
    • For K-8, the remainder of the school day (4.5 hours) will be asynchronous learning and engagement activities. This means that learning tasks can be done independently and at a student’s own time and pace.
    • Learning activities will be assigned by your child’s classroom educators and will take into account instructional learning requirements by the Illinois State Board of Education. We ask that students go at their own pace while making their best effort.
    • Educators will look to make core activities into a regular weekly routine to allow for student independence and to build familiarity.
    • Where possible, we will also introduce screen free activities.

    Sample Learning Tasks

    Learning activities will be assigned ahead of time by educators. Below are a couple examples of the type of tasks that students may be asked to complete. These will depend on grade level.

    • Weekly Practice Activities in Reading, Writing and Math: 
      • Math Practice:  Online personalized learning tools:  ST Math, IXL
      • Reading & Journaling and/or Responding to Reading: Drawing on books at home and/or ebook resources like Reading AtoZ, EPIC, NewsELA, D65 ebooks, and/or StudySync
    • PE and Fine Arts Lessons (pre-recorded and/or posted)
    • Additional Ideas of Possible Assignments include: 
      • Purposeful play time for younger students 
      • Student-driven projects aligned to learning
      • Unplugged learning activities driven by a Choice Board or Learning Task
      • Completion of previously assigned work