• District 65 Board of Education

    Evanston/Skokie CC School District 65 is governed by a locally-elected, seven-member board. Contact information for School Board members is listed below. Correspondence may also be sent to the School Board Secretary at 1500 McDaniel Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201 or can be sent via email to schoolboard@district65.net.

    Messages may be left for school board members with the School Board Secretary at (847) 859-8111.

    Board President
    Anya Tanyavutti (2023)
    Board Vice President
    Elisabeth "Biz" Lindsay-Ryan (2021) 
    Board Member
    Sunith Kartha (2021)
    Board Member
    Soo La Kim (2021)
    Board Member
     Joseph Hailpern (2021)
    Board Member
    Sergio Hernandez (2023)
    Board Member
    School Board Secretary 
    Adeela Qureshi
    1500 McDaniel Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201
    p (847) 859-8111
    f (847) 866-7251