Remote Learning At-A-Glance

  • Our Remote Learning Plan is largely based on guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education with input from District 65 educators, school leaders, special service staff, and the curriculum and instruction team. Our remote learning plan prioritizes the unique needs of students, families, and educators during this difficult and unprecedented time. In addition, our focus remains on the health and well-being of our community as well as our commitment to remain connected to and guide learning for students.

    Remote Learning is not perfect, and hard as we try, it can never replace the learning environment and experiences our teachers provide in their classrooms. Further, we recognize the challenges and inequities many of our students and their families face. Yet, we hold the promise of affording quality learning experiences for all of our students in this challenging time and we are immensely grateful to our talented educators, hardworking staff, and leaders for making this possible.

    What is Remote Learning? 

    Remote learning is learning that happens outside of the traditional classroom because the student and teacher are separated by distance and/or time. Remote learning can be real-time or flexibility timed, and it may or may not involve technology to achieve the following goals:

    • All students have opportunities for continued learning that focuses on critical standards
    • Minimizing instructional loss
    • Students and families benefit from routines and structures to ensure they stay connected to schools and learning