• welcome to the curriculum & instruction department

    The District 65 Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Department works to support schools and ensure that every child has access to high-quality standards-aligned teaching and learning in every classroom in the district. We do this work by leading the review, development, and implementation of high-quality and culturally responsive curriculum and assessments that support accelerated learning for all students.


    District 65 recognizes that excellence requires a commitment to equity and to identifying and addressing practices, policies, and institutional barriers, including institutional racism, that perpetuate opportunity/achievement gaps. The district must work proactively to acknowledge racial and cultural biases and eliminate instructional structures and practices that affect student learning and achievement. The curriculum and instruction commits to this work as we strive to achieve the following vision:

    All D65 students engage in differentiated and rigorous learning tasks in affirming environments that build student independence and agency and result in all students meeting or exceeding grade-level expectations.


    Key areas of focus for the upcoming school year:   

    Students learning in a classroom setting

    • Developing a comprehensive curriculum management plan that informs curriculum development, curriculum review and captures the District beliefs about teaching and learning.
    • Enact a two-year plan leading to all disciplines having a fully articulated curriculum including At A Glance Documents, a Scope and Sequence, and Unit Maps.
    • Advance the work to shift district-wide to a standards-based report card, including reviewing grade policies and existing reporting practices to move to a system that is increasingly meaningful, actionable, and measurable.
    • Increase the quality and fidelity of student interventions as part of our MTSS system and implement Academic Skills Centers with a high dosage tutoring model.
    • Gathering ongoing feedback to improve student learning experiences.


    The impact of this work is measured by:

    • Increasing the percentage of students at or above college readiness benchmarks in math and reading.
    • Increasing the percentage of students making expected gains in math and reading, including both students who start below the college readiness benchmark and those who start above this benchmark.
    • Decreasing the percentage of students at or below the 25th percentile in math and reading benchmarks.
    • Decreasing achievement gaps between groups of students in math and reading by improving the performance of all subgroups.


    Department leadership includes oversight of core content areas (Literacy and Language Arts, math, social studies, science, fine arts, library, computer science, and physical education. Additionally, the team supports Multi-tiered systems of supports (MTSS), social-emotional learning, and instructional technology.



    To contact the Curriculum and Instruction Department, please call (847) 859-8030. To reach a specific member of the Curriculum & Instruction Team, please visit our staff directory and search 'Curriculum & Instruction Department'. 


    Documents for Review Relevant to this Department: