To help families better understand the assessments administered to students across the District, District 65 has developed an assessment calendar. The calendar is organized by grade level. The calendar does not contain all of the formative, diagnostic, benchmark, and summative assessments used in District 65. Instead, it contains those assessments that are common across the entire district.


    With collaboration and feedback from multiple stakeholders, major revisions have been made to the 2019-2020 Assessment Calendar in order to decrease the amount of time spent on assessments in District 65. The following changes have been made to help address this concern:

    • NWEA MAP Growth will be administered in the fall only to students who do not have a NWEA MAP score from the spring assessment window. This will include 3rd grade students who will take MAP Growth 2-5 Reading and all students in grades 3-8 who are new to District 65. 
    • MAP Growth 2-5 Math will not be administered to 2nd grade students in the fall. 
    • MAP Growth Reading will not be administered to 3rd grade students in the winter 
    • ISEL is eliminated as an assessment for all students with the exception of kindergarten - it may be used as a diagnostic assessment and for progress monitoring. 
    • In grades K-3 there is a shift from reporting the EOY assessment to the EM4 chapter 8 cumulative assessment and connecting the skills to the report card.  
    • The winter assessment window will open and close prior the the winter break. This eliminates double testing in January for students who are second language learners and are required to take ACCESS. It also allows for educators to have January as instructional time that is less impacted by assessment.


    Assessment Calendar by Grade Level