• wellness in District 65
    Health is Wealth picture As part of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004, school districts that participate in the National School Lunch and/or School Breakfast Program are required to have a local wellness policy that promotes student health and addresses concerns about childhood obesity. In 2019, the School Board approved an updated wellness policy (School Board Policy 6:50) that is intended to create a healthier school environment via improved nutrition education, healthier food services, and improved physical activity offerings. 
    Review the following video highlighting more about our wellness policy, featuring our students front and center! 


    Wellness Equity Statement 

    Evanston/Skokie School District 65 promotes staff and student wellness, including fostering the positive relationship between sound nutrition, physical activity, and the capacity of students to develop and learn. As part of District 65's commitment to equity, we strive to honor each students' nutritional needs and family choice around food and beverage. We also recognize the history of racism and colonization in relation to food and do not seek to replicate that with this policy and other similar cultural representations.  We know that food and drink can be closely linked and connected to important cultural and family traditions. We seek to honor individual food choices with this policy, while also working to ensure a safe, active and healthy environment for all of our students. 

    Wellness Council
    The Wellness Council is responsible for promoting health and wellness across District 65. All educators, support staff members, administrators, parents/caregivers, and community members wanting to work together to build something great for our school community are invited to participate! Meeting dates are as follows:

    Meeting Dates 

    September 21, 2021
    Novemeber 16, 2021
    January 11, 2021
    March  8, 2021
    May 10, 2021 
    All meetings will be held from 3:40 - 4:30 pm
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings will be held virtually.
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    Password: 6FQEtQ