• Core Values and Beliefs Statements

     The Nichols Middle School community includes students, families, staff, and community members. Communication and collaboration among all members of the community is valued and defined by mutual respect and trust. We are all stakeholders in ensuring success for all students every day.


    The Nichols Community is committed to modeling high standards, which drive our decision-making.


    ·     The Nichols Community engages in active, innovative, evidence-based learning to assure that we can adapt to the challenges of our global society.

    ·     We provide an educational environment focusing on the whole person which encourages positive character and promotes cognitive, physical, social and creative development.

    ·     We develop responsible citizens buy increasing awareness of personal strengths, promoting independence, and encouraging advocacy for others and ourselves.


    Vision Statement

    The Nichols learning community maintains five major guiding principles in our work with students:


    1.   All students should be challenged academically and supported in the completing of assigned work with an emphasis on quality.

    2.   All students should be afforded the opportunity to participate in discussions and activities that allow them to discover their talents and interests as individuals.

    3.   All Nichols staff, students and parents should participate together in creating a safe, respectful and positive community environment in which everyone feels supported in their growth and development.

    4.   All students can contribute to their community, and the school can be helpful in providing opportunities for service.

    5.   All Nichols staff, students and parents should use technology as instructional tools for learning in order to prepare students for their future in today’s world.