• MissioN & Fine Arts Focus


    The mission of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Literary and Fine Arts School (“King Arts”) is to provide all students with a dynamic educational experience that focuses on the fine and performing arts and emphasizes literature and writing.

    A Fine Arts Focused Curriculum…

    • Unlocks the door to learning and allows students to view the world through the eyes of an artist

    • Cultivates the skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership

    • Presents students with opportunities to explore big ideas and essential questions

    • Uses the Fine Arts as a tool for differentiated instruction and assessment for all students

    • Inspires increased student academic achievement and engagement

    Please click here to read the research about the potential benefits of a Fine Arts focus in a school’s curriculum. 
    • Supports student access to literary works from diverse social, cultural, and historical contexts

    • Extends writing and publishing opportunities beyond the classroom

    • Encourages writing through literature

    • Enriches the classroom experience with regular author experience opportunities

    King Arts has created a dynamic curriculum by integrating the following four pillars into its instructional program: Arts-Integrated Learning; Enhanced Fine Arts Learning; Performance, Publication and Enhanced Literacy, and Inclusion.  This arts emphasis is in addition to meeting the District 65 curricular standards. 
    Please click on the buttons below to learn more about the Four Pillars and how they are integrated into the curriculum, and visit the Fine Arts and Library sections of our website to learn more about the in-school and extra-curricular arts and literary opportunities for our students, as well as the talented educators who lead them. 

    Integrated  Enhanced Performance Inclusion

    The entire King Arts community has many opportunities to participate in and support the Literary and Fine Arts at the school, whether it be as artist in residence, helping with one of the musical, fine arts or dramatic performances and activities, or attending the wonderful productions and displays of our students work.  For many, the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  birthday celebration, which showcases the performing arts and service learning projects, is the highlight of the school year!