In the elementary grades K-5, students receive math, language arts/reading, science and social studies instruction in a self-contained classroom according to grade specific schedules.  Each week students receive instruction in music, visual arts, dance and dramatic movement in addition to library and physical education.  Our goal is to provide each student with the support and/or challenge they need to be successful each and every day.


    In the middle school, the day is divided into ten periods, each approximately 34 minutes long, with “block scheduling” (two periods combined) for the core academic areas.  Grades  6 and 7 are broken into several cohorts, and the students rotate with their cohort to receive instruction in math, language arts/reading, science and social studies each day.  They begin the day with either physical education or one of the Fine Art disciplines, and an Advisory Period is incorporated into their day, during which they focus on skill building activities that range from academic to social. This schedule provides a transition to grades 8, where student classes are mixed, covering similar disciplines with Spanish language as an additional class. Click here to view the middle school schedule.


    A variety of assessments are given at King Arts to give insight into a student’s progress and to inform instruction. To view the King Arts School Report Card which provides a snapshot of academic performance and other important statistics as reported to the State of Illinois, please click here.


    Please visit the Curriculum and Instruction section of District 65’s website to learn more about the specific curricula utilized across the District for math, language arts, science and social studies as well as the grade level objectives. You can click here for a short video explaining the purpose of the Common Core State Standards or click here for more information on common core.