• positive behavior interventions and supports 
    Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a research-based system that organizes staff and students to create a positive school culture. This system teaches students how to behave and make good choices, rewards positive behavior, and discourages problem behaviors. Teachers, administrators and support staff teach positive behavior expectations to all students. Students then know exactly what is expected of them in all areas of the school. Students who behave positively will be recognized and rewarded in a variety of ways. Students will also know what consequences will result when they choose not to meet the school-wide expectations. Click here to download the Oakton School PBIS brochure.
    The staff uses a school-wide approach to teach all students the three Oakton School Rules:
    Be Here, Be Ready, Be Respectful, and Be Safe. 
    1. We define behavior expectations in each setting around the school including the classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, auditorium, lunchroom, and playground. 
    2. We teach students what these expectations “look like” in each setting. For example, the rule “Be Safe” on the playground means using the equipment properly while “Be Safe” in the lunchroom means staying in your seat and raising your hand for help. 
    3. We remind students of these expectations before entering a new setting. For example, a teacher might say “Let’s remember to Be Respectful and walk quietly through the hallway.”
    4. When students behave as expected, they earn Cougar Paws that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards throughout the year. These incentives reinforce displays of positive behavior.
    5. If students do not demonstrate positive behavior in a certain setting, the teacher takes the time to re-teach the expected behavior.
    rewards for positive behavior
    We encourage positive behavior by using an incentive reinforcement system. Research shows that positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to maintain appropriate student behavior. 

    We encourage positive behavior by using an incentive reinforcement system. Research shows that positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to maintain appropriate student behavior.

    Throughout the school year, all students have the opportunity to earn Cougar Paws in all areas of the school from all members of the staff.

    Students who demonstrate consistent or exceptional positive behavior can be awarded the Cougar Mascot, Student of the Month certificate, or Good Citizenship Award. These students are recognized over the PA and at school assemblies.  
    response to inappropriate behavior
    Even when we clearly define the rules, offer reminders of expected behavior throughout the building, and provide reinforcement for positive choices—some students still misbehave. For these instances, the Oakton staff has designed the B-doc or Behavior Document. This form serves to document any repeated minor infractions or major incidents.

    In the case of Minor Infractions, the staff member will attempt to discourage the inappropriate behavior through their established classroom management procedures. A typical progression in a classroom could be:
    • Verbal Warning
    • Make a Choice
    • Time Out
    • Parent Contact
    • Loss of Privilege
    If the problem persists, a B-doc is written to document the behavior, parents are again contacted, and both parent and staff member discuss possible solutions.

    Per the District 65 Behavior Code, all Major Infractions are immediately reported to the administration.
    the cougar promise

    Each and every day 
    as an Oakton student,
    I will learn to be my best.
    I can learn. I will learn.
    I am a part of Oakton’s 
    multicultural community,
    yet I am unique.
    I have unlimited possibilities.
    If it is to be, it is up to me.
    I can do this because:
    I’m Here and Ready!
    I’m Respectful!
    And I’m Safe!