• Welcome 

    Chris Latting

    I am excited to start a new year of learning with the North Star students, staff, and families! We have expanded our capacity to be more responsive and provide additional support to the students and families we serve. New Northstar colleagues are likewise anticipating a fascinating academic year. Please help them feel welcome! 

    Last spring, we set three school improvement goals for the 2022-23 school year. These objectives are outlined below. You can also watch the board meeting from last spring, where I presented them.

    1. Develop a Safe and Inclusive School Environment for All Students and Staff.

    2. Active and Consistent Engagement of Families and Community.

    3. Leverage PLCs to Improve Student Success Through Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum and Instruction.

    Please read and absorb the valuable information in this year's District 65 Student Handbook so that you understand District policies as well as student and parent/guardian responsibilities and obligations. In addition, we also have a supplemental Student/Parent Handbook designed especially for Haven families. The handbook highlights Haven policies and procedures and, like the D65 Handbook, shares student and parent/guardian roles and responsibilities. 

    Additionally, Mr. Hernandez, Ms. Brooks, and Mr. Adrien, our custodial teammates, worked long hours over the summer break to significantly change the campus's aesthetic. We are all very excited to see the improvements. Furthermore, the school improvement team, the school culture and climate team, and the AVID team have worked hard to design systems that support this year's school improvement goals.

    Thank you in advance for your continued support and collaboration this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s educators or administrators.  Wishing you and your children a safe, successful, and productive school year! 

    Yours in education,

    Chris Latting - Principal

    Haven Middle School