• Acceptable Network Use Policy 

    Student and Parent/Guardian Responsibility

    picture internet safety computer Appropriate internet access is the shared responsibility of the school, the student, and the family. At the time of registration, parents/guardians must acknowledge that they have read and discussed Acceptable Use Handbook with their child. Additionally, parents/ guardians are responsible for their children’s out-of-school access to online resources. In the event such out-of-school actions have an adverse effect on the culture or climate at school, the district reserves the right to act in accordance with district policies and rules. These include consequences identified if a student or staff member engages in, hazing, harassment, bullying, or other inappropriate or prohibited behavior.

    Students using district-provided digital tools and resources must have an approved account and be supervised by District 65 professional staff. Students using Internet access are responsible for appropriate online behavior. They are expected to respect and take care of hardware and software provided for their use. Intentional damage to equipment, software, or the network will result in disciplinary action and charges for repair or replacement to the student’s family.

    Disciplinary consequences for violations of expected behaviors and use of district and school networked information are outlined in the student handbook. District 65 and District 65 staff cannot be held responsible if a student, given parental permission for independent access, intentionally accesses material which his/her family considers objectionable.

    The Acceptable Use Handbook outlines authorized uses, expectations, responsibilities, and consequences related to use of the district's technologies.

    Acceptable Use Agreement for Student Access to and Use of Networked District 65 Information Resources

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