• Parent Information
    Families play an important role in the education of children. District 65 appreciates its partnership with parents, including the many volunteer hours that parents give to our school community.
    Using this page as well as the 'Parent Resources' tab located in the main navigation bar on our website, parents can navigate the website to find more information such as how to report a student absence, when the school day begins and ends, who to contact for student transportation services, what are the current health requirements, how to request student records, or what is needed to register for school.
    Parent Portal
    District 65 families have access to a parent portal that provides access to information about their children's attendance, grades, and other information that helps keep them connected to their child's school. Click here for more information on navigating the Parent Portal. 

    Other Resources
    District 65 uses SchoolReach, an automated telephone broadcast system, to inform parents via phone when there is an unplanned event or emergency that requires school closing, early or late dismissal. The system also is used for periodic reminders. To learn more about how to help ensure that you receive the recorded messages from the District or the school, parents may refer to the SchoolReach Info and Tips sheet.
    In addition to resources on the District web site, parents are also encouraged to visit the local school website and teacher pages, talk to their local school PTAs, or visit the PTA Council website where additional resources and information are available.