• Mission Statement
    District 65 Mission Statement
    Educating each student to succeed in and contribute to our global community by cultivating creativity compassion and the pursuit of excellence. 
    We support Early Childhood’s goals by:
    1. Preparing students for school readiness 
    2. Preparing our families for a higher level of meaningful parent engagement and self-sufficiency.
    3. Parents as leaders and school partners.


    JEH Strategic Plan


    This plan and the strategies to support it are based on needs identified in our school data, and are grounded in research on preparing schools for continuous improvement, child development, anti-bias and culturally responsive teaching practices, early literacy and numeracy development. Feedback from our school stakeholders, educators, families, and the community at-large, along with school and district level data informed the development of our goals. 


    Context Programs at JEH

    The Joseph E. Hill (JEH) Center for Early Childhood Education offers educational programming for at-risk students aged 0-5. JEH operates five programs out of two centers: 

    The Family Center (0-3 programs): Early Head Start and Home Visiting programs. 

    The Early Childhood Center (3-5 programs): Head Start, PreSchool for All and Special Education programs.

    All programs are publically funded through local dollars and federal or state grants. 



    Goal 1: Ensure JEH Center is well organized for continuous improvement.

    Goal 2: Create a culture in which teaching and learning is driven by diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Goal 3: Create a climate in which students’ social-emotional developmental needs are addressed and supported.

    Goal 4: Ensure that all children are individually prepared for kindergarten.

    Goal 5: Strengthen family and community partnerships to  support learning opportunities. 

    Goal 6: Align resources with goals to ensure student success.