• Our Mission
    Orrington Elementary School is a diverse community; where parents, teachers, students and staff are united and committed to a nurturing / inclusive environment; where students are respected for their individuality and the joy of learning is fostered.

    Orrington School is home to approximately 375 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Most instruction is from a homeroom teacher, differentiated to meet the needs of individual learning styles and ability. Specials, such as fine arts, physical education, music, drama, and library are taught outside the homeroom. In these disciplines, students continue to benefit from highly qualified teachers who have specialized knowledge or certifications.

    Orrington School is part of Evanston/Skokie School District 65, where high-quality teaching and learning is a daily experience. Our students are challenged and motivated to work hard, strive for excellence and help others along the way.
    Teachers avail themselves to opportunities for continued learning to help them stay current in best educational practices.

    Faculty and staff work in cooperation with students, their families, and the larger community to foster academic achievement, creativity, and positive character development that prepares the students as lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens. Students leave Orrington School well-prepared for their next stage of academic, social and physical growth. We strongly believe that all students can learn and succeed but not on the same day and not in the same way.