• Kingsley Elementary School Welcome to Kingsley Elementary School 
    Our Vision
    Kingsley School is a safe, welcoming and creative community of highly dedicated and skilled educators, staff, and families working together to ensure high achievement for every student.

    By valuing each student’s uniqueness, expecting their best, inspiring them to think imaginatively, fostering a love and curiosity for learning, and imparting the life skills necessary to thrive and succeed, we believe all Kingsley Comets will soar.

    Our Values
    A supportive and diverse community that promotes collaboration and collective responsibility for the common goal of academic and social success.
    High expectations of achievement for all students while continuously raising the bar.

    Dedicated and skilled educators who appreciate the individuality of each child and challenge each student to reach their fullest potential.
    An engaging and stimulating learning environment that encourages passion, curiosity, creativity and expression so that each child may discover ways in which they are exceptional.
    A respectful and caring atmosphere where students feel safe to take risks, explore new ideas, talk through differences, and support one another’s learning.
    Diverse experiences that promote strong development in the areas of social, emotional, and physical development.
    Student development of problem-solving skills, self-awareness and adaptability, which contribute to a life-long attitude of perseverance.

    Circle of Responsibility
    We believe that the years in which our students attend Kingsley are critical because they are developing the foundational skills and knowledge that will prepare them for secondary school and beyond. In this context, we each have an important role to play: 
    We expect students to come to school every day with an attitude of enthusiasm toward learning, a willingness to take risks, respect toward others and a sense of responsibility regarding their role as members of the school community.
    We expect teachers/staff to honor student learning differences while maintaining high expectations for all students. School leadership and staff will create an environment and promote practices that welcome and encourage participation from and communication with all families and the broader community.
    We expect parents to instill and reinforce the value of education, set high expectations for their child’s achievement and behavior, stay informed and develop supportive and collaborative relationships with teachers/staff that promote learning.
    We expect our Evanston community partners to work collaboratively with the school, sharing resources, maintaining open communication, and providing opportunities that help expand learning outside of the classroom.